ADUs on News Channel 19

Cathy Reisenwitz speaks to Archie Snowden about ADU legalization on June 6’s 5PM newscast. Help us push ADUs through Huntsville City Council! Sign our petition today at!

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Cathy Reisenwitz speaks to Savannah Sapp about ADU legalization on June 4’s 10PM newscast.

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Advocating for Affordable Housing at the Huntsville City Council

Last month, Huntsville YIMBY founder and co-lead Cathy Reisenwitz spoke at the Huntsville City Council’s 5/23 meeting, where she encouraged the council to continue taking up pro-housing legislation, and sought clarification on Ordinance No. 24-289, which amends numerous definitions in […]

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How can Huntsville possibly have a housing shortage?

Here’s a reasonable question I hear pretty often: How could Huntsville possibly need more housing when I see so many new, empty apartments everywhere? People generally understand that average housing prices rise when demand grows faster than supply.  Researchers from […]

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