How can Huntsville possibly have a housing shortage?

Here’s a reasonable question I hear pretty often: How could Huntsville possibly need more housing when I see so many new, empty apartments everywhere? People generally understand that average housing prices rise when demand grows faster than supply.  Researchers from […]

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Huge win for affordable housing in Huntsville!

At the 4/11/2024 City Council meeting I gave public comment supporting 42 units of multi-family affordable housing for people currently or previously experiencing homelessness and/or domestic violence. Shoutout to D1 Councilmember Devyn Keith for putting forward item 1359. And a […]

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ADU advocacy at the Huntsville City Council meetings

Much more to come on this, including an overview and petition. But in the meantime, I’m trying to understand the holdup to legalizing ADUs in Huntsville. I spoke up at the 3/14 and 3/28 Huntsville City Council meetings on the […]

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What causes homelessness?

In January I hosted a workshop at The Center at Shenanigans Comedy Theater about homelessness, both nationally and in Huntsville. This post is adapted from a portion of that talk. Before my talk, I posted a link to the details […]

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